wide field astrophotography
Just having some fun...
With the Covid pandemic keeping us close to home in 2021, I found myself exploring new ways to express my interests in photography, the great outdoors  and astronomy. I suppose one can almost think of it as living vicariously through Lego during these very unusual times... or as a friend suggested... it might just be me rationalizing so that I can play with Lego again.  :)
Cassiopeia by Campfire
Cassiopeia by Campfire © Irwin Seidman
Our lego hiker relaxes at the end of a long day and enjoys toasting marshmallows over the open fire while the constellation Cassiopeia (and faint traces of the Andromeda Galaxy) hang overhead in the night sky.
Happy Trails
Happy Trails (Star Trails) © Irwin Seidman
The stars are seen trailing around Polaris (North Star) in this vignette of our little Lego amateur astronomer watching the night sky from high atop a rock ledge.
May Flower Moon
May Flower Moon © Irwin Seidman
Sadly the May Flower Moon was obscured by overcast skies this year but that didn’t stop us from reminiscing about the stunning spring supermoon that graced our skies last year.
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